Twice in one week!

It’s hard for people to know how brilliant I am. I think I’m a genius but because I don’t talk to many people, it’s tricky to have that verified. I’m not always comfortable engaging people and that’s what I need to change because my research suggests that’s what I need to be doing to grow my business. I’m starting to feel slightly stuck. I want my professional progress to happen faster, I’ve never been good at waiting.  I have few responsibilities that also require attention. A three-year-old and running a home and add in the Asperger’s, sometimes it feels impossible to stay on top of everything. I’ve somewhat neglected my professional practice because I’m tired or distracted and that affects my creativity. I love posting progress photos of the flowers but for august I’m going to try to mix it up. I’m setting myself a challenge to create something new every day. I going to aim for something daily but if I don’t achieve it I’m not going to give myself a tough time. I’m hoping this will cause ripples and help change my perspective. I do not like feeling frustrated.

Rachael x

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