Oh hello.


It's probably about time I introduced myself properly.

Hello, I'm Rachael.

I'm never sure where to start. So, I'll do my best but if I go off on a tangent, bare with me. It's the way my autistic brain works. I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2017 at the age of 29. Understanding my behaviours and difficulties has been a liberating experience, as though everything is starting to make sense. Being autistic informs my artistic practice. I adore texture, pattern and colour. They are visually arousing. I’ll write about it in depth another time.

I’m also a mum. He has many a nickname but usually goes by Goose. He’s three, he has a fondness for ghosts and Frankenstein’s monster. He also enjoys statues, manikins and Jesus.  We’re not religious although I have explained the Christian origins of Christmas and Easter.

I’m going to be blogging more regularly in a bid to improve my confidence, when it comes to written communication it causes be the most anxiety.

PS, I’m really uncomfortable having my picture taken so sorry about the face.


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