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I’m back!! 

I’m grateful to be sitting here writing this, the whirl of the washing machine to the left of me and a podcast on the black death to the right. I’m grateful because I finally have some words to type. For months every attempt to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard in this case has felt laboured and dull. But they’re back, my words have returned!! I’m pretty sure it’s because life doesn’t feel hectic, obviously with Mr Fish starting school in September this will change and I’ll be plunged into excessive routine and painful playground small talk. Yes, I'm kinda looking forward to it but I'm definitely emotional, I keep welling up when buying school uniform bits. Who knew book bags and school shoes could reduce someone to tears? 

I’m not sure how I’ll spend my free time when he’s busy learning, I’ll probably try some more selfcare. The only time I get for myself now is in the evenings, which by the time he’s actually fallen asleep is a couple of hours which isn’t enough time to swing a cat in (I'm aware that the analogies are merging into some weird parallel world) Maybe I’ll just be outside more, enjoying being responsible only for myself. I may read books in coffee shops or take walks in the park. The reality is I’ll be trying to keep up with the housework, snacking and working more.  

I’ve got some really exciting stuff in the pipeline. I’m not completely sure of how everything will fit together but it will because it has to. This summer has been polar opposite to last years. The heatwave left me with little executive function and by the end I was burnout. This year, I'm enjoying it (mostly) I’d like more time to myself because it’s overwhelming not having a proper break from parenting but I'm coping.  

How's your summer going, I hope it’s not horrendous.  

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Rachael x 


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