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So, it didn't quite go to plan. I’m trying to down play it because it all went to shit. This summer has been hell, or at least I imagine that’s what hell is like. Hot, sweaty with lots of socialising and people everywhere. The heat, that bloody heat.  A small part of me believes that the sun has a personal vendetta against me and I’ve now made it my sworn enemy.

In my last blog I was going to do some art everyday for a month, that was an overly optimistic plan. I think I managed 14 pieces before having an autistic burnout. That was by far my longest burnout, I’m only now feeling able to cope with life again.  I had to strip any demands on me right back.  Parenting Goose 7 days a week was the hardest, I didn’t realise how much I depended on him going to nursery to decompress. Being out of routine made me want to rip my skin off. Why are the summer holidays so long. Arrggghhh. 

I’ve been trying to establish a new routine involving regular housework and not going to bed at ridiculous o’clock.  I’ll be working on some more blogs as well.

I’m will be selling the work I made in august because I’m really proud that I managed to produce some art that I love.

So, yea.......... thanks.

Rachael x

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